Winter vacation in Berchtesgaden

Gentle winter sports in all its facets

Snow-covered peaks and slopes, idyllic snow-covered forests and romantic national park paths…many varied opportunities to get on the trail of winter lie in the immediate neighbourhood of our EDELWEISS.

A snowshoe hike through a wintry valley, a winter walk along the Königseeache; a relaxed day of skiing on the slopes with friends or family; a sledge ride, the great cross-country skiing round through a magical winter forest or a ski tour to one of the surrounding snow-covered peaks – this is how we enjoy winter.

Winter adventure away from the crowds. Where tranquillity and seclusion still prevail and you can still let the quiet time of winter have an unlimited effect on you.

A winter wonderland that, in combination with the countless possibilities, becomes the perfect holiday destination. Take the Jenner cable car up to the Jenner summit, which enchants with a view of the Königssee lake. Whether with alpine skis, touring skis or snowshoes, the Jenner offers variety for everyone.

6 skiing areas

In addition to the skiing area on the Jenner, five other small skiing areas in the valley attract skiing fans with dream slopes and a total of 50 kilometres slopes.
Götschen / Bischofswiesen
Rossfeld / Oberau
Zinken / Bad Dürrnberg
Hochschwarzeck / Ramsau
Gutshof / Obersalzberg

Winter hiking

For all those who prefer to enjoy our wonderful region a little more slowly and deliberately, there are just as many cross-country skiing areas in the Berchtesgaden valley. The range of ski touring routes and winter hiking trails seems almost unlimited.

The picturesque and beautiful landscape around our Hotel EDELWEISS can of course not only be explored on foot in the summer. Hikes with or without snowshoes also combine a relaxing winter holiday ideally with gentle exercise in the clear winter air.

Nature is at rest; the landscape is incomparably beautiful in its white dress. A glittering mirror of ice covers many lakes; the air is ice cold and crystal clear. The charming landscape in the Berchtesgaden mountains can not only be explored on foot in summer, winter hikes are the perfect way to spend your winter holiday gently, relaxed and yet active.

We will be happy to advise you individually directly at the hotel reception for suitable winter hikes or ski touring routes. Just contact us!

Suggested winter hiking tours

Magical forest at lake Hintersee

Follow the walkway along the Ramsauer Ache upriver past the glacier springs to the Marxenklamm, where the water has cut a deep gorge into the rock over many millennia, to the entrance of the magic forest, which probably bears this name right. About 3,500 years ago, the unimaginable mass of about 15 million cubic meters of rock tumbled down from the Hochkalter mountain, while obstructing the valley, creating lake Hintersee.

The water seeks it’s way through the snow-covered magic forest starting at this often with an ice crust covered lake (enter at your own risk). The gurgling mountain stream covers the rocks with ice and creates a magical fairytale landscape with bizarre ice formations. Be enchanted and enjoy this scenic beauty.

Around Hintersee, the winter hike continues on the Prinzregent Luitpold hike and through the Zauberwald forest you can go back to the starting point.

Distance: 9,5 km
Difference in altitude: 225 hm
Duration: 3:00 h

Starting point
Parkplatz Neuhausenbrücke, Im Tal
83486 Ramsau

Wild animal feeding

Enjoy the fresh and clear winter air on a sunny winter’s day. Ice crystals glitter on both sides of the path like diamonds, the red deer silently dives out of the forest and approaches the feeding crates in the clearing, the hike becomes an intense experience of nature.

This romantic walk, impressively influenced by the mighty and snow-covered mountain peaks of Hochkalter and Reiteralpe, is also an adventure with strollers or children on toboggans. A walk around lake Hintersee completes this experience.

Distance 4,0 km
Difference in altitude: 50 hm
Duration: 1:30 h

Starting point
Nationalparlk Information centre, Parking lot Klausbachhaus
83486 Ramsau

Suggested skimountaineering tours

Götschen – Skitour

The ski tour to the Götschenkopf leads from Bischofswiesen through the forest along the valley run to the Götschen ski area and then along the so-called Damenabfahrt to below the mountain station. Here the ski tour branches off briefly onto a steep path into the forest and leads to the summit of the Götschenkopf.

Perfect training route! If the ski tour from Bischofswiesen is too far, you can park at the Götschen ski area and save yourself a few hundred meters of ascent.

Distance: 3,6 km
Difference in altitude: 680 hm
Duration 2:00 h

Starting point
Station Bischofswiesen

Rossfeld - Skitour

A leisurely ski tour for beginners and connoisseurs. The ski tour to the Rossfeld is suitable for (almost) all weather and snow conditions.
The signposted route for ski tourers leads from the parking lot at the toll booth on to the ski slope coming up from Oberau. A yellow sign leads the trail for ski tourers to the right into the forest. Through an impressive viaduct you pass under the Rossfeld Panoramastraße and follow a track through the forest to the flat meadows of the Rossfeld ski area. Only in the last part the ski tour becomes a bit steeper!

Distance: 4,3 km
Diffrence in altitude: 380 hm
Duration: 1:30 h

Starting point:
Parking lot below the tollbooth (Oberau)

Kleine Reibn (not for beginners)

The Kleine Reibn (Reibe = round tour) can claim to be one of the most frequented ski routes in the Berchtesgaden Alps.

From the parking lot Hinterbrand you walk over to the middle station of the Jennerbahn. Continue along the ski slope via the Mitterkaseralm up to the Jennersattel (junction of the variant). Here, on the south side of the ridge, continue left and slightly descend into a ditch.

Trail division: right down to the Schneibsteinhaus, left up to the Stahlhaus on the Torrener Joch. From there southwards over stepped ridges to a pit, then steeply up to the right and finally over the broad west ridge onto the Schneibstein (culmination point), which is rich in views.

Descent: From the Schneibstein we descend southwestward first over moderately inclined slopes, then left along the ridge to the Windscharte. Here the Große Reibn shears off to the left. Our route leads with insignificant counter ascent along the west side (right) of the cross decorated Windschartenkopf and then to in front of the mountain guard hut (telephone). Here (first larches) we keep to the right and descend on the west side of the Fagstein still to the so-called Brotzeitfelsen (about 1800m).

At a rest break we can put on the ski skins, then we go in a right turn around the Fagstein and to two signposts on the Hohe Rossfelder (about 1910m). The second downhill stage follows. It leads northwestward over a steep slope, down to the Priesbergalm and further to the Brennhütte.

We only descend to the alpine pastures if we want to go down to Königssee via the elevated track (variant 2). To the parking lot in Hinterbrand, however, we climb on the right track about 30 HM, then ski around the Jenner on its west side and push or glide over the middle station of the Jennerbahn cable car back to the starting point.

Distance: 17,8 km
Diffrence in altitude: 1.378 hm
Duration: 5:00 h

Starting point:
Hinterbrand parking lot