Event calendar 2023


Berchtesgaden is not only known for its breathtaking nature, but also for its deep-rooted traditions, which come to life in the region’s events. The people of Berchtesgaden are proud to preserve their cultural roots and warmly invite visitors to participate in traditional festivals and events. From colorful traditional costumes to rousing folk music and authentic Bavarian hospitality, Berchtesgaden has much to offer.

Thursday 30.11.2023 - Wednesday 03.01.2024
Berchtesgadener Advent

Christmas atmosphere and lived tradition

The Berchtesgaden Advent takes place directly in the historic center of Berchtesgaden. Our visitors have here the possibility between lovingly decorated Advent huts to visit the surrounding inns and restaurants, as well as the numerous regional stores and spend Advent hours.

And there is more!

The spring awakening is accompanied by traditions such as the Aperschnalzen with whips and the Easter festival. Highlights in May are the raising of the maypole on May 1 and the May dance. At events such as Frühschoppen (with live music), Berchtesgadener Marktfest or “Berchtesgaden leuchtet” our guests can enjoy their summer vacation with us to the fullest. The Almabtrieb and the harvest festival in autumn are followed by the widely known Berchtesgaden Advent with Kramperl and Buttnmandl runs in December, even before the Christmas shooters announce the holidays. If you haven’t had enough of Bavarian traditions yet, you’ll get your money’s worth at the stand-up concerts of the surrounding music bands as well as the Berchtesgaden Farmer’s Theater. And a historical market tour is also highly recommended!