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Lake Koenigssee

Take a day trip to Schoenau am Koenigssee

Lake Koenigssee and Schoenfeldspitze peak Lake Koenigssee and Schoenfeldspitze peak Lake Koenigssee, surrounded by the impressive Bavarian Alps, is such an amazing sight to behold. Explore Germany's most magical lake on a boat trip across Lake Koenigssee to St Bartholomew's church.

The 5km² large Lake Koenigssee was formed before the Ice Age and is one of the most well-loved excursion destinations in Berchtesgadener Land. It is no wonder that it is such a popular destination: surrounded by pure nature, the crystal clear Lake Koenigssee is framed by steep cliffs and Berchtesgadener Land's beautiful Alps.

Lake Koenigssee is more than 7km long, 190m deep, and belongs to the Berchtesgaden National Park.

Experience Lake Koenigssee up close

It is not just the view of Lake Koenigssee that will be an unforgettable memory from your holiday in Berchtesgaden. This mountain lake is also known for its impressive echo that bounces off the surrounding mountains. Experience Lake Koenigssee up close on a boat trip.

The boat trip across Lake Koenigssee takes passengers to St Bartholomew, where they can visit the famous pilgrimage church of the same name.

The royal hunting lodge in St Bartholomew

Be sure to check out not only the St Bartholomew church but also the royal hunting lodge. This lodge once served as the Bavarian kings' retreat and hunting estate. Today, the palace is home to a traditional restaurant where guests can eat and relax in the historic atmosphere before heading back to their boat.

Lake Koenigssee – the Bavarian "king's" lake

It is easy to think that Lake Koenigssee (which sounds like "king's lake" in German) was named after the Bavarian kings' hunting lodge at the lake. The name, however, more likely comes from the name "Kuno" which was common in the founding family. At the time the lake was named, this particular area did not belong to any kingdom. The lake was called Lake Kunigsee in 1454 and this name is most likely the origin of today's name.

Lake Koenigssee is a picturesque place that should not be missed on your next holiday in Berchtesgaden. The docks at Schoenau am Koenigssee are just 10 minutes from the Hotel EDELWEISS.

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March Special 3 Nights

March Special 3 Nights

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