Summer is coming


The starting signal for a firework display of festivities and events

Traditions and customs are as much a part of Berchtesgaden as the legendary Watzmann and the deep blue Königssee. With the spring awakening, the valley basin blossoms in its incomparable blaze of color. Many historical traditions and customs fill the calendar of events and invite our guests to join in the celebrations.

Music is made on Monday night!

From June 3 to September 16, “Musi-Montag” traditionally brings a variety of musical styles to the Berchtesgaden market. Three bands from different musical genres ensure an entertaining start to the new week. Stand concerts by Berchtesgaden brass bands and performances by youth bands accompany the entertaining evening.

Traditionelle Blasmusik in Berchtesgaden
"Monday night is music night" - our music Monday in Berchtesgaden
The traditional costume and marksmen's day with a large parade through the market

July 14 – Traditional costume and marksmen’s day

For many years, July 14 has also been noted in the weather calendar by St. Peter, as the sun always shines on this day. The traditional costume and marksmen’s day is one of the most important festive days in Berchtesgaden for many locals. On this day, the traditional costumers and marksmen celebrate “their day” with a large church service followed by a parade through the market town of Berchtesgaden.

From the assembly point at the tax office through the historic market to Luitpoldpark, visitors cheer on the numerous groups in their beautiful traditional costumes. Even the little ones have great fun running along and celebrating afterwards in the AlpenCongress. Traditional music and the odd yodel can be heard well into the evening.

August 3 – “Vogelwuid’s market festival”

On this day, the Berchtesgaden market is transformed into a spectacular music festival for young and old. From unknown newcomers to popular old hands, visitors can expect an incredible variety of street artists who demonstrate their skills unplugged and with a great deal of commitment. At the “Design Street Market by Freihändig”, you will also find all kinds of arts and crafts and unusual gift ideas. And countless bar and street food stalls provide the perfect festival atmosphere.

August 4 – Sunday open for business

The Salt Festival weekend on August 3 and 4 is not only celebrated with the “Vogelwuids Marktfest”. An open Sunday with a stall market and many attractions for the whole family transforms the town center into a huge treasure trove of great offers. Unusual gift ideas, regional handicrafts and culinary delicacies make for an inspiring potpourri that captivates the many young and old visitors every year.

Was gehört im Sommer in Berchtesgaden einfach dazu? Aperol Spritz
Musik für jeden Geschmack beim Musi Montag in Berchtesgaden
Zu einem richtigen Outdoor-Festival gehört Streetfood. Burger und Pommes beim Musimontag in Berchtesgaden.
Reges Treiben bei den Festivitäten in Berchtesgaden

August 23 – Berchtesgaden lights up

And yet another summer festival attracts many visitors from near and far to Berchtesgaden every year. The event “Berchtesgaden leuchtet” (Berchtesgaden shines) lets the historic facades in the pedestrian zone shine in many bright colors. Stores beckon with great offers and street artists, DJ & Co. provide an entertaining atmosphere.

Early morning pint and veal sausage breakfast

The calendar of events is packed full of great offers. However, there is something very special that is hardly ever included in the calendar and yet is an absolute “must-do” when visiting Berchtesgaden. A detour to the Frühshoppen and Weißwurst breakfast at Gasthaus Neuhaus. It is not uncommon to find yourself in an illustrious group of cheerful locals who like to spontaneously start playing music and make the day something very special for all guests.

Did you know?

Even though the sun still pampers us with its full power in August, from August 24th, “St. Bartholomew’s Day”, the alpine farmers already herald the end of the alpine summer. On this day, the dairymen start to make the “Fuikln” and “Latschenbosch’n” with which the cows are decorated for the cattle drive in the fall. From mid-September to the beginning of October, the animals gradually leave their summer pastures and return to their home stables in the valley.

"Colorful" hustle and bustle at the "Berchtesgaden leuchtet" event - the market is colorfully illuminated and street artists & musicians provide entertainment