Easter time in Berchtesgaden

Traditions & springtime awakening

Easter time in Berchtesgaden is a time full of traditions & nature experiences. Surrounded by picturesque mountains and idyllic landscapes, the region not only brings spring to life, but also old customs and stories.

One of the most important traditions is the palm bush tying and palm consecration on Palm Sunday. Weeks in advance, the inhabitants of Berchtesgaden and the surrounding villages prepare the palm branches, which are then artistically tied into palm bushes. These are solemnly carried into the churches on Palm Sunday to be blessed. The palm branches are regarded as a symbol of Jesus Christ’s entry into Jerusalem. The origins of these traditions reach far back into the history of the region and are closely linked to the Christian faith. They are passed down from generation to generation and are an integral part of Berchtesgaden’s cultural heritage.

But it is not only religious customs that characterize Easter time in Berchtesgaden. The Easter bunny and the hiding of Easter eggs also play an important role: at the Hotel Edelweiss in Berchtesgaden, there is a special Easter surprise for the little guests every year. This tradition is very close to our hearts and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in which families can feel welcome and at home.

The legend of the Easter bunny goes back to ancient Germanic fertility rites and symbolizes the beginning of spring and new life. Hiding colorful eggs is a custom that has evolved over the centuries and is still a source of great enthusiasm, especially among children.

The children in Berchtesgaden are looking forward to the upcoming palm consecration
There are no limits to your imagination when dyeing Easter eggs

Berchtesgaden offers ideal opportunities to welcome spring: for example, on hikes up the Jenner or along the picturesque Königsee lake, including a boat trip. The flowers sprout from the earth in beautiful colors, nature comes back to life, the birds chirp, the mountains shine and it smells of hope and new beginnings. Bicycle tours in and around Berchtesgaden are also a great (family) experience at this time of year. At the Hotel EDELWEISS, e-bikes are available for our guests to use free of charge.

Easter time in Berchtesgaden is a time to celebrate spring and life. It is a time when the world awakens and fills with life, a time of promise and growth. The scent of spring is like a declaration of love to nature, a melody that gently caresses us and fills our hearts with joy. A time of relaxation for body, mind and soul.

Joint hikes help to keep the family together
The boat trip to the pilgrimage church of St. Bartholomä